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Free Zone License
Fujairah Creative City

Internationally recognised and awarded for Excellence in Quality, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone was launched in 2007 as a hub for local entrepreneurs and business travellers to do hassle-free business with the emerging markets across the MENA region, Egypt, Jordan, India, China, the Far East and Europe.

Whether you are looking to set up or to branch out in the Middle East, we’ve got your needs covered. We offer unlimited business activities ranging from trading, ecommerce, media & publishing to education and sports management – all under one trade name. Our flexible packages make it easy to start and scale your SME up to 15 visas without the need to rent any physical office space.

Our professional assistance takes you all the way through the setup process, beginning from company registration and residency visa application through to medical and Emirates ID registration, dependents’ visa services and bank account opening. You will find us located conveniently near the Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha in the heart of Dubai.


You own 100% of your business

0% Personal & Corporate Income Tax

100% repatriation of capital and profits

Scale up to 15 visas on a shared desk facility

You can set up a business without an NOC from your sponsor

You can start your business whilst outside of the UAE

Paid up share capital is not required

Select activities from trading, professional and commercial services on one trade name

Non-visa Packages

Commercial FZ LLE Single Owner - Without visa

Commercial FZ LLE is suitable for a single owner, but designed without the provision of any visas.

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Commercial FZ LLCUp to 50 Individual Shareholders

This license provides no visas but offers up to 50 individual shareholders making it perfect for businesses that feature partners, for example, legal branches and offices.

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Visa Packages

Commercial Plus One Up to 2 visas

Suitable for a single individual owner who needs a company license. The commercial Plus One is the smallest company set-up we offer with eligibility upto 2 visas.

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Freelancer Eligibility of up to 4 visas

Ideal for startups, this package comes with up to 4 visas and provides all the advantages of a regular company set-up, including the company name and business bank account.

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Baby Business Eligibility of up to 6 visas

Designed for small businesses and startups, this package is the perfect way to enter the entrepreneurial market. You don’t need a physical office, this includes 6 visas with flexi desk access.

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Genius Eligibility of up to 15 visas

Designed for small to medium businesses and startups, our Genius package is our most economical package. Created to keep the costs low, so you can focus on growing your business, you don’t need to pay out huge expenses for office space. We will provide up to 15 visas with flexi desk access.

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