How to Register Your Company in Creative City Fujairah Free Zone

It’s almost, if not entirely, impossible to research the benefits of starting a business in the UAE without reading about the nation’s free zones. The UAE boasts over 35 free zones each offering a range of benefits, many of which cannot be found in the mainland.

Benefits such as 100% company ownership, 100% repatriation of profits, import and export tax exemption, and of course 0% tax on both personal and corporate income.

When looking to form a business here, the question is not should I set up in a free zone but rather which one should I set up in?

There are plenty of great ones to choose from and the one that is right for your business will depend on your circumstances and the nature of your activities. If, however, you are looking for a free zone in a highly strategic location with low barriers to entry, you cannot go wrong with Creative City Fujairah.

Many benefits of Creative City Fujairah stem from its location. Fujairah is known as the ‘Jewel of the Middle East’ and it is with a good reason. The emirate is home to a thriving business landscape with the infrastructure to match. It is also incredibly well connected – just one and a half hours from downtown Dubai and in close proximity to several of the UAE’s international airports.

Now to the free zone itself. There are many reasons why entrepreneurs and businesses from the world overtake a keen interest in Creative City Fujairah Free Zone company registration. Here are just a few:

Creative City Fujairah Free Zone License Fees

A major reason behind this free zone’s popularity is its low cost and barriers to entry. Creative City Fujairah Free Zone license fees are affordable by most standards and there is no requirement to put down any share capital.

The relaxed auditing and bookkeeping requirements are also very appealing to the entrepreneur who likes to keep things simple. Creative City Fujairah authorities do not require any formal bookkeeping or auditing and there is no need to submit a formal business plan.
Creative City Fujairah Free Zone company registration also involves no requirement for a No Objection Certificate (NOC), making the free zone particularly popular with freelancers and those operating side businesses.

Creative City Fujairah Free Zone VAT

While 0% corporate and personal tax rates are a major bonus of life within Creative City, Creative City Fujairah Free Zone VAT is levied at the same rate as on the mainland. Since January 1st 2018 the rate is a flat 5% on most goods and services.

Creative City Fujairah Free Zone Visa Cost

The Creative City Fujairah Free Zone visa cost will depend on the type and number of visas you require, as will the Creative City Fujairah Free Zone visa processing time.

Processing your visa application is incredibly easy and unlike many other free zones, there is no requirement to lease office space when doing so. Creative City Fujairah’s flexi-desk package – which affords entrepreneurs the use of business facilities such as desk space, mail services and internet, and telephone use – comes with an eligibility for up to six employee visas.

Entrepreneurs who set up in the free zone can also easily apply for additional visas for dependants such as children, spouses, or domestic staff.

If you are looking to get your company license in Dubai, Dubai free zone visa, or the cheapest trade license in the UAE. Then our team can help.

Flexible Setup

Creative City Fujairah Free Zone’s rules and regulations are minimal, making it one of the most flexible free zones in the region. Entrepreneurs wishing to set up here can do so without committing to lease office space, giving the free zone a major appeal to small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

Another reason behind this appeal is the fact that the free zone issues freelance packages, which allow entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground with minimal ties and upfront costs.
The free zone also offers a tailored ‘Baby Business’ package designed to allow small businesses to benefit from an easy company formation process with minimal overhead costs. The package includes a trade license and establishment card valid for one year, eligibility for up to six visas, and use of all flexi-desk facilities.

Creative City also provides a virtual office service, which includes prestige addresses, great facilities, and access to a professional assistant among others.

Open to All

While Creative City Fujairah Free Zone company registration is, as its name suggests, tailored towards the creative industries, it also welcomes the more traditional subsectors within those industries.
For example, as well as opening its doors to publishing, broadcasting, and media companies, the free zone also caters for HR, IT, and consultancy businesses that serve those companies.

Creative City is also particularly geared towards e-commerce businesses offering e-commerce licenses at an affordable cost—something that is not always easy to find in the UAE.

The free zone is also very welcoming of businesses of all sizes. This is a place where freelancers and solo entrepreneurs rub shoulders with owners of large multinational companies. Creative City Fujairah caters for the needs of both, offering everything from flexible desk space to fully furnished offices and even shell offices for larger companies to decorate and customise to their specific needs.

Business Services and Other Assistance

As well as easy company registration Creative City Fujairah offers a number of other business services to help entrepreneurs get up and running.

Free zone staff are on hand to assist with the opening of corporate bank accounts and can advise on the most appropriate financial institution to suit your specific needs.

The free zone also offers visa and immigration services and can handle all government formalities, permissions, work permits, and visa applications that are required to trade in the UAE on your behalf.

Creative City Fujairah is also home to a modern, fully equipped business centre that provides around the clock service. These services include meeting room access, fast speed internet access through Wi-Fi and LAN, printing and copying services, café access, receptionist cover, telephone and fax services, and a maintenance and cleaning service.

Ready to Set Up in Creative City Fujairah?

If the many benefits of this flexible and welcoming free zone have caught your eye, the question you are likely asking yourself is, how do I set up in Creative City Fujairah?

There are a couple of ways to do this. You can, if you wish, apply directly to the free zone. Creative City will process your application and come back to you as and when or if it is accepted. While this process is not overly complex, it is very precise and any mistakes or omissions in your application could lead to delays.

Working with a company formation specialist is the easiest way to avoid this. Such experts can manage your entire application for you, including all visa and immigration requirements to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly.

We are BIZ, the official Dubai representative office of Fujairah Creative City Free Zone. If you are looking to open your company in Dubai, get a free zone license, or start a small business in Dubai, then we can help. From visa applications (including UAE investor visas) to all the necessary admin tasks, we handle it all – leaving you free to get on with your business.

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