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Joining Forces: Why Setting-up your Company in Creative City Fujairah Boosts Collaboration & Growth

Collaborating with other businesses and professionals in the UAE, by setting-up your venture within a cutting-edge business hub such as Creative City Fujairah Free Zone, has the unique potential to save your business money, create progressive contacts, and accelerate growth.

Futuristic hubs provide a range of connectivebenefits that are proven to support your evolution via the impact of their unique business ecosystems.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Greater collaboration – the business model of the future
  • Hub collaboration saves you money
  • Collaborating fuels business growth
  • Hub collaboration creates winning relationships
  • Instantly collaborate with a hub to create your company

Greater Collaboration – The Business Model of the Future

If you’re looking for evidence of the collaborative power of business hubs – then look no further than Silicon Valley.

It is recognised as the ultimate business hub, acting as a global centre for technology and innovation. While Silicon Valley actually encompasses an area over 179.97 square miles, in essence, it acts as a giant network that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship via its social and business DNA.

And this hub concept is key– because well-structured hubs offer you a diverse range of benefits that are perfectly aligned with the future. Hubs like Hubs like Creative City Fujairah Free Zone enable you to join forces to easily get your startup off the ground, save money and embrace new technology.

Here’s how:

  • Faster business creation
  • No ‘red tape’
  • Easy permits and visas
  • Instant hi-tech office space
  • Hubs embrace futurist technology
  • Save money by the creation of multiple businesses with a trade license

Hub Collaboration Saves Money

If you use a leading business hub to help you create your startup, then you’ll find the process is simplified and reduces the time and money usually required when you go it alone.

At Creative City Fujairah Free Zone, this is something that has been perfected during the last decade.

So, if you are an entrepreneur, you will find it surprisingly simple to create your business, particularly through not having to directly handle legal processes, permits and visas. In fact, once you have selected which business package matches your needs, the automated online registration process means your business can be up and running in days.

Collaborating with Creative City Fujairah Free Zone also enables you to start a trade license with three separate business activities, significantly reducing costs.

Collaborating Fuels Business Growth

While there are many business hubs to choose in Dubai, it’s essential to consider whether you are making the right decision when it comes to supporting your growth with effective development and networking opportunities.

A Good Hub Should Offer Leveraging Tools to Make Your Business Grow Faster

Whether we’re talking about a city-wide business ecosystem, or a centralised hub like Creative City Fujairah Free Zone, the influence of networking is a key reason why hubs can fuel business growth.

One example from the US is Cincinnati’s ‘Cintrifuse’ fund, which has successfully invested in startups and promoted networking meetings with Fortune 500 companies across the state. The net result is a hub ecosystem where big companies interact with startups, fostering investment, recruitment, mentorship and business development opportunities.

This type of interaction is mimicked when businesses operate in hub ecosystems on a smaller scale – such as at Creative City Fujairah Free Zone.

The hub offers the opportunity to develop your startup via a range of networking activities:

  • Attend monthly training and development events
  • Interact 1-1 with other businesses
  • Find mentors via networking events

The diverse range of businesses at Creative City Fujairah Free Zone, ranging from fashion to technology and finance, means that you can interact in events that specifically cater to your needs.

Events range from monthly VAT workshops, to cutting-edge social media workshops to learn how to beat the ever-changing Instagram algorithm and increase followers and ROI.

Typical business development events at Creative City Fujairah Free Zone

  • Social Media Workshop – tips for using Instagram for business
  • Effective branding for SMEs
  • Digitising your sales process for SMEs
  • Business intelligence workshops

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Hub Collaboration Creates Winning Relationships

In his book Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability, the acclaimed business writer Idowu Koyenikan notes that ‘there is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.’

This describes the heart of the business hub – an environment that gives you the opportunity to seamlessly interact with others who are all striving for success.

When setting up a business within a thriving business hub, the energy of the collective consciousness, togetherness and opportunities created, shouldn’t be underestimated. As in Silicon Valley, it’s the internet-like network created by everyone in the chain that gives hubs the edge.

  • Excellent energy and working environment
  • Recruitment and outsourcing is enhanced
  • Strong hub infrastructure offers a secure business culture
  • Benefit from new opportunities
  • Make new business relationships

Koyenikan goes on to say that, ‘Everything you want in life is a relationship away.’ And with many business deals across Dubai and the UAE being won virtue of good relationships, the potential of the hub is something that you should consider for your business.

Instantly Collaborate With a Hub to Create Your Company

One key advantage of starting up with a legitimate business hub in Dubai is that the collaboration makes getting up and running simple and free from excessive red tape.

This is something that sets Creative City Fujairah Free Zone apart when it comes to the logistics of creating a business.

While you will still need to be very sure that you are selecting the right package, it’s realistically very easy to set up your business and gain momentum:

  • Choose the right business package to meet the needs of your startup
  • Apply to start a business by simply filling out an online application form
  • Take-up your office space at Fujairah City
  • Network with other businesses and professionals via monthly client workshops, networking events and business development sessions.

In a world that’s increasingly connected, collaborating with other businesses and professionals is key. Setting up your venture within a cutting-edge business hub offers you a unique opportunity.

Business hubs have the potential to save you money, cultivate winning relationships and accelerate growth.


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