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tax domicile certificate in Dubai

How to get a tax domicile certificate in Dubai, UAE

The UAE’s tax regime is one of the most attractive in the world. While there is tax on the import of goods, and a flat 5% VAT was introduced relatively...

UID merging in Dubai, UAE

UID merging in the UAE

The UAE issues millions of visas to foreign visitors every single year. Whether you are visiting on business or pleasure, for two weeks or two years, you will require a...

UAE tourist visa

Get Your UAE Tourist Visa: September 2021 Guide

Visas have facilitated seamless travel between countries for decades. And it is a practice that continues to this very day. But the process is not always the same for everyone,...

start a vape shop in Dubai, UAE

How to start a vape and tobacco trading business in Dubai, UAE

While a relatively recent invention, vapes and e-cigarettes have seen an incredible spike in popularity in recent years. The global e-cigarette and vape market is valued at around USD 15bn...

start tire trading business in Dubai, UAE

How to start a tyre trading business in Dubai, UAE

Dubai’s location at the crossroads of the world’s largest and fastest growing markets has made it a prime trading location for years. But beyond the attention-grabbing trade in pearls, gold,...

pets trading license Dubai, UAE

Start Pets trading and relocation in Dubai, UAE

The influx of expatriates heading to Dubai from every corner of the world has rapidly increased since the 1970s. And many of them are not travelling alone. As the number...

start a pharmacy in Dubai

Start a pharmacy in Dubai, UAE

The UAE’s healthcare industry is one of its fastest growing. Expected to reach almost USD 11bn by the end of this year, it is currently increasing at a compound annual...

alcohol license Dubai

The Alcohol License Permit in Dubai 2021: Rules and Costs

While the UAE is a Muslim country, it is by no means a completely dry state. And thanks in large part to Dubai’s vast expatriate community, it is no secret...

Dependent Visa Dubai

Dependent Visa Dubai: Rules & Costs

There are many incredible benefits to starting a business in the UAE. For one, you are welcomed into one of the most thriving and exciting corporate landscapes in the world....

start a corporate bank account in Dubai, UAE

Open a business bank account in Dubai, UAE

The entrepreneur’s to do list is long and ever growing. From choosing and registering your company name to obtaining a license and visa. Then there are the additional tasks to...

skills entrepreneurs can learn from Olympic athletes

3 skills entrepreneurs can learn from Olympic athletes during Tokyo 2020

Maybe the Olympics are passing you by without having much impact on your life. Or maybe you’re up half the night absolutely glued to some sport which two weeks ago...

funding in the UAE

How to fund your business venture in Dubai, UAE

Have you ever dreamed of starting a business in Dubai? With a 0% tax rate, incredible infrastructure, a thriving business community, and an amazing location at the centre of the...