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general warehouse license Dubai

General Warehouse License Dubai, UAE

Dubai attracts traders in all manner of goods from car parts and clothes to textiles and timber. With a strategic location at the crossroads of many of the world’s largest...

start Autospare parts business in Dubai

Auto spare parts trading License Dubai, UAE: 2021 Guide

There’s a reason why the UAE has such a long and fruitful history as a trading nation. Its strategic location and incredible infrastructure make it the ideal location from which...

sheesha license Dubai

Café and Shisha License Dubai, UAE: 2021 Guide

Shisha smoking has been popular in this part of the world for many years. However, with stricter controls on the tobacco industry with every passing year, the market for alternatives...

what is clubhouse

Clubhouse: Everything you need to know

The best way to describe Clubhouse is that it’s an app that allows you to listen in on other people’s live conversations. The people you’re listening in to have given...

dream big

Four inspiring entrepreneurs who hit rock bottom before becoming millionaires

Ups and downs are a natural part of starting a business. Yet some entrepreneurs have endured such great lows that there really was no chance of falling any further. The...

meat and poultry license, Dubai

How to get a meat and poultry license in Dubai, UAE

What images do you conjure when thinking of business in Dubai? Imposing skylines? Sharp suits? Sky-high offices? If so, you’re not alone. But Dubai is much more than this. There...

what is a CRM

What is a CRM? And why does your business need one?

Some companies already have a CRM, while others are still thinking about it. But even if you have one in place, how do you know it’s really working for you?...

pet grooming license Dubai, UAE

Pet Grooming License Dubai, UAE

While traditionally a cat-loving nation, dog ownership has risen significantly in the UAE in recent years. Driven mainly by the ex-pat population, Dubai is now home to its fair share...

start a business from home in Dubai, UAE

Start a business from home in Dubai, UAE

Home business in big business. Around the world, more of us than ever have taken the plunge and become the boss, selling all manner of goods online. It’s easy to...

how to start a salon in Dubai, UAE

How to start a salon in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the perfect place to launch a salon business. The emirate is home to millions of fashionable and image-conscious residents. So much so that the UAE cosmetics market is...

what is Customer experience

Why is customer experience so important?

In simple terms, the customer experience is the impression your customers build as they interact with your business. It combines all aspects of your relationship, from following you on social...

start a rental business in Dubai

How to start your rental business in Dubai, UAE

Wherever you look in Dubai, industries are thriving. Behind the headline sectors of technology, travel, health, and manufacturing, there are plenty more, equally lucrative. One such niche is the rental...