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A NOC is not required from your current sponsor to incorporate the company under Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

Leasing an office space is not required for up to 15 visa allocations.

The physical presence of the shareholder(s) and the person in charge is not required to incorporate the company.

Paid up-share capital is not required under Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

The Trade License is issued within 2-3 working days.

All employment visas under Fujairah Creative City Free Zone can sponsor dependants.

You can reside anywhere in the UAE with a Fujairah Creative City Free Zone visa.

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone allows you to combine multiple activities under one license with the provision of combining commercial trading and professional activities.

Visa can be added on the license by upgrading the package.

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone provides a provision of adding up to 50 shareholders under one license.

There is no deposit required for any employment or dependent visa.

License and establishment card should be cancelled before or upon expiry date or else it will start incurring fines. Please contact your renewal manager for further information on cancellation procedure.

It is not possible as original signatures on the Board of Resolution from all the partners with a complete set of company original documents are mandatory to initiate the cancelation.

Yes, you can definitely do so as you will have all the required documents, In fact, we can link you with some of the most leading banks in the UAE .

Yes, having your name on the trade license as an owner/shareholder or just the manager in charge entitles you to work using your name on the trade license inside or outside the country using your tourist visa or the employment visa under a different sponsor.

Those working in free zones are generally not governed by the Ministry of Labor, however, it is governed by their respective Free Zone authority and follows UAE’s Labor Law in general.

A Trade License gives you the privilege to exercise and perform a certain business activity while the Immigration Card serves as your company identification card which allows you to issue and apply for a residence visa.

The E-Channel refund application can be initiated once the clearance letter of the trade license is issued by the Free Zone. This will take approximately 10 Business days and the amount can be refunded in cash, check or a bank transfer.

No, the E-Channel access is held by the Free Zone as the capable and authorized entity to handle and process all your company’s needs with the Immigration Department.

No, you have to be employed under one of the companies registered here in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone to obtain a residency Visa.

The sponsor will need to speak directly with Fujairah’s immigration to ascertain the full requirements and provide all the required documents.

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