Legal Services

The purpose of the agreement is to outline, for legal purposes, the ownership of the company and the role of the nominee.


  • Template provided by us
  • Passport Colored Copy
  • Trade License Copy
  • MOA and LSA


  • Fee AED 525


  • These request is only applicable for DED companies and all requests will be forwarded to DED Department.
  • The agreement is could not be attested as this will only be considered as an internal agreement.

Our team have a vast experience in preparing and legalizing documents for acceptance anywhere within the UAE. We undertake the complete legalization process on your behalf from your country of origin and ensure that your documents will be accepted when you come to use them for business licensing and visa processing in the UAE.


1. Receiving a copy of document
2. Finding out a price
3. Informing the client about the price
4. Receiving original document
5. Sending the document to agent
6. Receiving the attested document back


  • Original Degree/Certificate


  • United Kingdom 13 Days
  • Egypt 18 days
  • United States of America 5 days
  • Canada 18 days
  • India 15 days


  • Processing Fee Contact us for a quote

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) attestation is done for foreign documents to be honoured in the UAE. Before this is done, the foreign document has to be first attested by the UAE Embassy in the document’s country of origin.

1. Contact BIZ Concierge for MOFA Attestation assistance.
2. Submit required documents.
3. Settle payment.
4. Receive notification and collect the MOFA attested document.


  • Attestation Within 24 hours.

All foreign documents have to first be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for it to be legally translated.

1. Contact BIZ Concierge for Document Translation.
2. Submit required documents.
3. Settle payment.
4. Receive notification and collect translated document.


  • Necessary document to be translated.


  • Document translation 2 business days