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Visas create many queries, whether they are for yourself, your family, your employees or their families, if it is the first time this has been processed, the whole process can be daunting. To save you, your families and your employees time, we have services designed to take you through the process as quickly as possible.

  • Visa Services - Our agents will collect and return all the paperwork on your behalf where able, or escort you when you have to be there in person. It will save you a lot of time trying to find out what to do
  • Female Sponsorship - We are often asked if women are able to sponsor their husbands and children, and the great news is that they can if they meet certain criteria
  • Dependent Visa - The last thing you want is your spouse of children inconvenienced any more than they have to be, so let us arrange it all for you
  • Medical - We can pick you up from your hotel, apartment or villa and drive you to receive your medical. We can even pick up the results and return them to you for the next part of the process
  • Emirates ID Registration - Not only will you have full assistance on site with our PRO, but we will also collect the Emirates ID Card once it has been processed

Corporate Services

We know that when people start businesses in the region, they are often short of resources. Little things like having your phone answered whilst you are out on appointments may not be a cost you can pick up immediately.

Therefore, we have developed a range of services to make your life not only easier but also provide the assistance you need in various areas so you don't lose out on any chance that you have been provided to grow your business. These services are:

  • Bank Account Opening - We will connect you with the bank that we know works in your niche business area
  • Document Delivery - Whether it is a document that is delivered globally or locally, we can help
  • Mail Management - In light of not needing a physical office, we will collect your mail from your PO Box for your collection
  • PO Box Set Up - We will do all the legwork in order to set up your PO Box so you don't have to
  • Phone Answering - Our multilingual receptionists will answer the phone with any script you see fit and email you with full details so you need never miss another important call again
  • Company Stamp - This is provided to you on opening the account for a charge of AED 210. It is free if you are purchasing the premier package
  • NOC Certificates - A No Objection Certificate is provided by us for certain legal processes (like opening a mainland branch office)

Document Legalisation Services

When businesses are being set up, companies are trying to get loans from banks or employees are needing visas, there are certain processes that have to be adhered to in order to prove that the documentation that you are supplying to or from another country, is, in fact, legit and can be used as a legal document.

This process often means that there is a lot of running around between various different departments in order to be able to do this. The last thing any entrepreneur or business leader will want to do, so let us do it for you:

  • Attestation - This is the process of obtaining the government stamps
  • Movement Report - A movement report is often required at the point of renewing visas. It involves producing a document to illustrate every single time you have left and entered the country
  • Power of Attorney - This is a legal document that we can draw up and legalise on your behalf so you can provide others with the power to do certain business procedures; like deal with your bank and/or lawyers on your behalf.
  • Police Report - If you have lost or stolen official documents, you will need a police report before obtaining copies. We can arrange this for you

Tax & Accounting

Tax and accounting services have never been more important. With the introduction of VAT (or Value Added Tax as it is also known) by the Government in the UAE in 2018 at 5%, business leaders are tax collection agents for the Government.

The law blueprints are created from the same mechanism throughout the world. It effectively means that at every transactional stage of the sales of goods and services, 5% is added to the price, only stopping at the point of the end consumer.

As VAT registered businesses are basically tax collection agents for the Government, it is important that they understand their obligations. Heavy fines will be implemented for all those that do not comply.

We can provide you with the following services:

  • VAT Registration - If you want to be able to claim back the additional 5% you are paying on goods and services, and earn over a specific amount each month, then you need to register. We can do this for you
  • VAT Consultancy - Are you collecting the right amounts? Are you paying it correctly to the Government? Let us do all of this for you so you don't get any hefty charges
  • Financial Management Consulting - Cash flow is king! We can help make sure you have the cash flow you need so you can pay your liabilities to the government and to your staff
  • Bookkeeping - If you aren't big enough to be able to collect the tax, let us connect you with bookkeepers so you don't have to worry about chasing and invoicing for your money
  • Payroll - Everyone wants to be paid on time. Let us do this for you and help keep staff morale high
  • Auditing - Every business leader needs a full understanding of their books. We can break down the areas of your business that need improvement, additional staffing and much more so you can be ahead of your competition

Concierge Services

Owning a fleet and having people on the move for your business, can seem like it takes up all of your time to organise; Whether it is helping employees with their license transfer so you can get their insurance, or just registering your car, there is a lot to think about. Let us do it all for you:

  • Company Car Registration - We will ensure that your car is registered in compliance to RTA rules and regulation
  • Company Car Transfer - We will ensure that all paperwork processes are completed prior to the transfer of the vehicle 
  • Driving License Transfer - Certain nationalities may need to resit their test in the UAE. Regardless, we can assist you throughout the process
  • New Driving License File - Certain nationalities will have to retake their driving license in the UAE in order to be able to drive here. We will guide you through this process if this affects you
  • Personal Car Registration - In the same way we process the company car registrations, we will do this for personal cars too



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