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1. General

1.1 Our Dubai office is a drop-off and pick-up point only, no document clearing or document processing takes place in Dubai. Applications are submitted for processing and indicated timeline commence upon realization of agreed payment.

1.2 The timeline correlates to working days and not calendar days. During periods in and around Ramadan, days of mourning, Eid and other National and Religious Holidays the indicated timelines are likely subject to delays.

1.3 All procedures, timelines and costs are valid at the time of going to print, however, may become subject to change without prior notice.

1.4 The quoted prices are subject to adjustments in compliance with any act of government or Free Zone Authority and are stated in UAE Dirhams. All prices are subject to change without notice. Fujairah Creative City Free Zone reserves the right to add to the sales price of a trade license and associated service fees, an amount equivalent to any new taxes or variations of same, as imposed by the government or Free Zone Authorities. These additional taxes and/or fees will be clearly outlined at the initial point of payment or will be invoiced retrospectively.

1.5 Any payments received by Fujairah Creative City Free Zone towards any product or service are non-refundable unless agreed otherwise. This condition is valid even if the payment received isn’t for the full amount of the service or product subscribed for and/or the customer has yet to provide Fujairah Creative City Free Zone with all the correct documentary requirements for said product or service and/or their application is rejected by the licensing authority for any reason.

1.6 In setting up your corporate bank account:

1.6.1 Fujairah Creative City Free Zone will provide a list of banking contacts, after which the onus is on the client to contact the banking representative directly and organize a meeting.

1.6.2 Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is not involved beyond providing the list of banking contacts, furthermore, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone does not provide any assurance that the company bank account will be successfully opened or how long it will take for the bank account to be opened. The onus is on the client to liaise with the banking representative and satisfy the requirements and protocols of the bank in order to successfully open and maintain their company bank account.

1.6.3 The client is not obliged to open their company bank account through our banking contacts, and is free to utilize their own banking accounts at any bank of their choice.

1.6.4 You will not be able to open your company bank account in absentia – all relevant parties will need to be physically present in the UAE when meeting with your chosen.

1.7 Any time an application needs to be re-submitted i.e. Trade License application, Immigration Card application, entry visa application, residency stamping application; the timelines for completing said process will be as if it were a new application.

1.8 Handwritten passports are no longer accepted. All passport copies submitted should be electronic/ typed passports. Furthermore, passports bearing only your first name and no surname won’t be accepted.

1.9 The Free Zone only allows a maximum of two Employment Contract Attestation applications per company for Commercial Plus, Freelancer, Baby Business and Genius Licenses.

1.10 Fujairah Creative City Freezone shall not be held liable for the non-compliance with any Federal Tax Authority laws, regulations, policies etc.

2. Licenses

2.1 The registered address for your new company will be Creative Tower, P.O. Box 4422, Fujairah as per what will appear on your Trade License and what will feature on your company stamp and furthermore should be used on all official company correspondence i.e. contracts, invoices etc.

2.2 If you would like to amend your Trade License from 1 individual shareholder (FZE/FZ LLE) to more than 1 individual shareholder or a corporate shareholder (FZ LLC) the amendment fee is AED 4,840.

2.3 Companies registered with Fujairah Creative City Free Zone have activities conducted in the UAE via visual and print media, advertising and news websites, electronic publishing and on-demand printing, including activities promoted through social media that are required to secure an E-Media license from the National Media Council. Initial registration fee is AED 2,887.50 and is renewable yearly for AED 2,467.50.

2.4 The words ‘Dubai’, ‘Abu Dhabi’, ‘Sharjah’, ‘RAK’, ‘Ras Al Khaimah’, ‘Ajman’, ‘Fujairah’, ‘Umm Al-Quwain’, ‘UAE’, ‘Emirates’, ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd, Financial cannot be used in Company Names, neither can the words ‘Islam’, ‘Islamic’ or any other words related to any religion. Other words like ‘‘Bomb’, ‘Import’, ‘Export’ or ‘Manufacturing’ also cannot be used.

2.5 If you select the business activities ‘Legal Consultancy’, ’Accounting & Auditing Consultancy’ and ‘Education Consultancy & Training’, you will need to submit your original attested degree certificate in order to process the application for the company Trade License.

2.6 Company Immigration Card (electronic) is retained by the Free Zone and a copy can be provided upon request.

2.7 The default share capital amount for an FZE/FZ LLE company will be AED 100,000 and AED 150,000 for an FZ LLC company – these amounts cannot be changed to a higher or lower amount.

2.8 Under your license issued from Fujairah Creative City Free Zone and visa issued from Fujairah Immigration, you will not be able to permanently work from any 3rd party offices or locations. However, if your company is engaged in a specific project/contract with a client that requires your regular presence at the clients’ premises e.g. an audit – you will be able to visit and work from your clients’ premises until the project/contract is complete. Please note that in this scenario when you visit your clients’ premises you will need to sign the visitors’ book, wear a visitor’s badge, and work from a communal area.

2.9 Should you fail to renew your trade license 45 days prior to its expiry, all services from Free Zone will be suspended. You will not be able to apply for any visa or NOC etc. until you carry out the renewal. Further, you will be charged a penalty of AED 250/ month + 315 after the expiry date until you either renew or complete the closing/cancellation procedure, you will be liable to pay any applicable government fees. (Closing/ canceling fees and late for closing/canceling after the expiry date of the license, or late fees for renewing your license after the expiry date of the license) for the same.

2.10 Companies registered with Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, part of Fujairah Media, are permitted to carry out business activities with companies within the Free Zone or with companies with other Free Zone in the UAE or with companies outside the UAE. Should the company wish to contact business Government entities or local companies within the UAE they should either establish a local branch office or transact through a local commercial agent or check with the related authorities.

2.11 The Free Zone will not issue Articles of Incorporation for the newly incorporated branch company. Furthermore, please note that in case you are opening a branch or a company is a shareholder, it is important that one can identify the individual named beneficial owners of the parent company – companies which have multiple layers and/or are nominee companies where one is unable to identify individual named beneficial owners will be unable to open a company bank account in the UAE.

2.12 The Ministry of Finance will not issue Tax Residency Certificates to Offshore Companies and Branches of Foreign Companies.

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