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Applying for your visa, or that of your employees is completed via a certain process that must be followed. The first step is entirely digital. The second will require the applicant to physically be present for photos and medical tests and Emirates ID Application. The entire process of the visa application is completed from our offices, conveniently located in Dubai.

E Channel System Registration **

Refundable Bank Deposit* AED 5,025
New Registration Fee AED 2,200
Renewal Registration Fee AED 1,125
Cancellation Fee AED 150
Bank Processing Fee AED 41
*The cancellation and bank processing fees will be adjusted from the refundable deposit.
**This is mandatory for all visa eligible packages (Commercial Plus, Freelancer, Baby Business and Genius Package).

Residence Visa

Residence Visa (Valid for 3 years) AED 5,320
Medical Tests** AED 360
Emirates ID Registration** AED 371.50
**Payable directly to Emirates ID Authority/Medical Centre in Al Bahara Hospital in Dubai.

Medical Tests and EID Registration

As part of the visa process, you will have to undergo Medical Tests and Emirates ID Registration procedures. The tests will ensure that you are free from specific diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, and Hepatitis B.

The Emirates ID Registration, on the other hand, is the registration process to the UAE national ID system. 

You will need the following documentation:


  • Original Passport
  • Entry visa with a change of status or entry stamp (not applicable for visa renewals)
  • Original or copy of expired Emirates ID (not applicable for first time Emirates ID applicants)
  • 3 passport size photos

Please note that the passport photo needs to have:

  • White background
  • Teeth should not be visible
  • Light coloured shirt not allowed
  • Jewellery and eyeglasses not allowed
  • No handwritten marks allowed on the photo


  • Children below 18 years old are not required to undergo medical tests
  • If the applicant is below 15 years of age, they are not required to have their biometrics and photo taken; just the typed form will suffice
  • Women should be dressed appropriately and avoid coming in skirts/shorts/dresses that are above the knee. They should also avoid wearing sleeveless tops and dresses. Any visible piercing (aside from ear piercing) and tattoo (including henna) are not allowed
  • Men should be dressed appropriately and avoid coming in shorts and sleeveless tops. Any visible piercing and tattoo (including henna) are not allowed
  • Eye scan, fingerprints, and signature taking will be done at the Emirates ID centre in Al Baraha Hospital. Once your biometrics are recorded, EID Authority personnel will stamp your registration form with a “Process Completed” stamp
  • The timeline for your Emirates ID card to be released is 15 working days from when the residence visa is stamped on the passport

Residency Visa Documentation

This is the final step in the visa process. After the application has submitted their employment visa application and the change of status, their passport is sent with the Emirates ID application form and the medical results to immigration. This is done The visa will then be permanently attached to the passport.

Documents Required:

  1. Original Passport
  2. Original E-Visa (with entry or status changed stamp/ electronic change of status paper)
  3. Original Medical Report with three authority stamps
  4. Original Emirates ID Registration Form (with stamp)
  5. Three Original Employment Contracts. These should be signed by the concerned parties and stamped. The stamp needs to mention Fujairah UAE

Once all the above have been submitted, these will be submitted to Fujairah Immigration for passport stamping procedure.


  • Your trade license must be valid for more than 45 calendar days from the day the employment visa is applied for until the residence visa stamping has been completed
  • You will NOT be able to leave the UAE until this process is completed
  • You will need to settle any UAE Government related fines / penalties / case i.e. RTA, Police etc. prior to the Residence Visa stamping – otherwise, the process will not be completed
  • Your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months upon submission for Residence Visa Stamping
  • You should also have 2 empty pages in your passport. Furthermore, you should hold a standard/normal passport, travel documents are not permitted.

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